Thursday, 17 October 2013

Student Art Guide...

A while ago Mrs P fund a great resource for her Yr11 Art Textiles class. I have re-found this resource and am re-posting a link as it is amazing!

Thank you Ameria Robinson nee Gale. Some amazing examples from around the globe form truly inspirational art teachers and students.

Love the 20 creative sketchbook ideas!

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Full website

Miss C x

Others School's and Students...

I have been on the hunt for more inspiration. 

With the proposed BTEC/GCSE change at KS4 (Yr10) I have been investigating examples and projects to enthuse my students. 

They have come back in year 10 a totally different bunch and hopefully together we can produce some fantastic artwork!

Thank you to all the hard working art teachers who tirelessly blog, pin and upload there students work to share with others. 

Please check out SPH's Pinterest and Instagram SPHARTANDDESIGN for some of our inspiration and artwork.

Below are some great links to other Schools, Sixth Forms and Colleges.

Fantastic examples, work and ideas :)

Miss Cove 

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Monday, 22 July 2013

Try your luck... Or talent?

I took my first trip to the lavender fields behind school on Sunday, and could not believe my eyes!!! Carshalton certainly has a gem here!! A field of purple with gold strips. I was in awe of what I had in front if me. 

On my at back to the car I stumbled upon this little competition! Now, I know there are definitely a few budding photographers out there who may like to showcase their talents, and maybe win £200 in the process!! Result :) 


Checkout the website 

My efforts so far...
I'm not sure yet, which image I will submit, so maybe you can help me?

Happy snapping 
Miss Cove 

Camera's at the READY...

The holidays are finally here, and what better way to document all the things you get up's and photographs!!! A perfect way to capture your memories from this summer, who knows you may use them next year in your artwork :) 

Enjoy the sunshine!! 

Miss Cove