Sunday, 31 March 2013


What is Line? 
Line is one of the visual (formal) elements. It's the path of a moving point, such as a pen, pencil or paintbrush.
In your work, it is important to vary the quality of the lines, making them BOLD, HEAVY or light and delicate to suggest different things.
Line can be used to give the impression of different textures and tones, as well as simply showing where the edge of an object meets space – remember that objects do not have outlines in real life.

Line DPS - Creating Lines

Task 1...
Create an interesting title 'Line' on a DPS

Task 2...
Annotate and add the definition of line to your DPS

Task 3...
Create as many different lines as you can using as many different tools as you can. You do not need to use a pen, pencil or paint brush to create a line.

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