Sunday, 31 March 2013


What is Texture?
Texture is the surface quality of an object. In art, it can refer to an illusion of texture, for example, in a painting which show’s the rough surface of a tree.
It can also refer to actual textures, as in a collage. You can achieve different textures by adding different materials to paint, or by adding things such as sand or  sawdust into the medium you are using (such as clay).
What is Frottage?
Frottage is where an artwork is made by taking rubbings from a textured surface. 

Texture/Frottage sketchbook page
Task 1...
Create an interesting title for Texture and Frottage.
Task 2...
Annotate and add the definition of Texture and Frottage to your DPS.
Task 3...
Find and 'rub' as many different textures and surfaces to create a page of frottage.
Task 4...
Annotate each frottage with where and what the rubbing is of for future reference.

Good luck, how many can you find?

Miss Cove

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