Sunday, 17 March 2013

Visual Communication for Yr9 BTEC

What is Visual Communication?
Any image that is used to communicate an idea, whether it's a sign, poster, drawing, photograph or television advertisement, can be included in the field of visual communications.
•Visual communications effectively uses images to persuade, entertain, inform and enlighten an observing audience of products, ideas and messages.
•Graphic designers, advertising designers, art directors and visual artists all utilize various forms of visual media to communicate their ideas to their desired audiences.
Below are a few examples of how businesses use visual communication to aid their selling campaigns. Do you recognise any of them?

Create a VISUALLY interesting SPS (Single Page Spread) on ‘Visual Communication’ – plan your page and background before you stick any work down.
Task 1…
Create an interesting title ‘Visual Communication’
Task 2…
Ensure you include what ‘Visual Communication’ is from the previous slide.
Task 3…
Include hand drawn and colour printed logos – annotate these logos.

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