Sunday, 21 April 2013

Design Development

What is Design Development?

It would be great if we could think of an idea and it be perfect first time, but that rarely happens, so we need to develop our ideas and designs to fit the purpose of our brief or scenarios. 

Once you have identified a problem - design development is a series of steps you will go through to solve that problem (Scenario).
You will need to identify the components/parts from the design task/scenario to understand how to solve the problem.
You will then draw/sketch ideas considering all the components to work towards a final .
Learning Aims and Scenario
A great way to being is to look back over your research, this will give you a great starting point. Once you have researched you brief or scenario you can begin to draw upon that research.
You must ensure you refer to this to help you
You must also make sure you annotate/explain your ideas - do they fit your design brief/scenario. Do they relate to your research? You must explain why...

Ensure you explain the points above
The more ideas and design you produce, the more choice you have when producing your final piece.

Until Tuesday
Miss Cove :)

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Easter Holiday's Homework

Think outside the box when looking for Artist, Designers or Photographers to inspire you. You will need to evidence this in your final piece.

Check out the blog on Art Finder to help you...

Enjoy your holiday :)

Miss Cove