Monday, 8 July 2013

Polyblock Printing 'Step-by-Step

OK, so polyblock printing was great fun!!! One of my favourite parts of being a teacher is teaching kids a skills and watching their face when they get it! Year 9D/Ab1 you succeed making Miss Cove feel great at the end of P6 on Friday. You produced some amazing 2 colour prints. Well done!!

Check out SPHArtandDesign on ...

I'm uploading some amazing work :)

Remember... I am more interesting in your understanding of the process - not the quality of your print! If you have made a mistake find out why and explain. 
Think about: 
How you created your design?
Top Tips
Why the lightest colour first! etc...

Error! Tuesday 9th July 

Keep your steps simple, use the help sheet as guidance. Remember, leave some space for your completed prints and polyblock!

Miss Cove

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