Thursday, 17 October 2013

Student Art Guide...

A while ago Mrs P fund a great resource for her Yr11 Art Textiles class. I have re-found this resource and am re-posting a link as it is amazing!

Thank you Ameria Robinson nee Gale. Some amazing examples from around the globe form truly inspirational art teachers and students.

Love the 20 creative sketchbook ideas!

SPH are following Student Art Guide on Pinterest

Full website

Miss C x

Others School's and Students...

I have been on the hunt for more inspiration. 

With the proposed BTEC/GCSE change at KS4 (Yr10) I have been investigating examples and projects to enthuse my students. 

They have come back in year 10 a totally different bunch and hopefully together we can produce some fantastic artwork!

Thank you to all the hard working art teachers who tirelessly blog, pin and upload there students work to share with others. 

Please check out SPH's Pinterest and Instagram SPHARTANDDESIGN for some of our inspiration and artwork.

Below are some great links to other Schools, Sixth Forms and Colleges.

Fantastic examples, work and ideas :)

Miss Cove 

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Monday, 22 July 2013

Try your luck... Or talent?

I took my first trip to the lavender fields behind school on Sunday, and could not believe my eyes!!! Carshalton certainly has a gem here!! A field of purple with gold strips. I was in awe of what I had in front if me. 

On my at back to the car I stumbled upon this little competition! Now, I know there are definitely a few budding photographers out there who may like to showcase their talents, and maybe win £200 in the process!! Result :) 


Checkout the website 

My efforts so far...
I'm not sure yet, which image I will submit, so maybe you can help me?

Happy snapping 
Miss Cove 

Camera's at the READY...

The holidays are finally here, and what better way to document all the things you get up's and photographs!!! A perfect way to capture your memories from this summer, who knows you may use them next year in your artwork :) 

Enjoy the sunshine!! 

Miss Cove 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Polyblock Printing 'Step-by-Step

OK, so polyblock printing was great fun!!! One of my favourite parts of being a teacher is teaching kids a skills and watching their face when they get it! Year 9D/Ab1 you succeed making Miss Cove feel great at the end of P6 on Friday. You produced some amazing 2 colour prints. Well done!!

Check out SPHArtandDesign on ...

I'm uploading some amazing work :)

Remember... I am more interesting in your understanding of the process - not the quality of your print! If you have made a mistake find out why and explain. 
Think about: 
How you created your design?
Top Tips
Why the lightest colour first! etc...

Error! Tuesday 9th July 

Keep your steps simple, use the help sheet as guidance. Remember, leave some space for your completed prints and polyblock!

Miss Cove

3d Letters

28 letters... 26 pupils... What will it spell? You decide!

I'm sorry I was sunning myself on the Isle of Wight last weekend, but Mrs Philip stepped into the breach to teach the next part of the Typography skills unit.

How are you getting on?
Miss Coves loves an example!

Remember - annotate your work. It is so important to explain what and why you are doing something. I need to know what is going through your head :)

Looking forward to seeing what we spell!!

Miss Cove


OK, so I thought it was about time I shared the work of all the pupils at Stanley Park High School. We often display work around the school and down the corridors leading down to the art studio. But I think its about time we shared the work of our fantastic pupils will the WORLD!!!!

So I have set up an Instagram account! 
Follow SPHArtandDesign on Instagram and see if your work has been uploaded :)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Tips for a great sketchbook...

Check out this link... some amazing ideas and inspiration for fabulous sketchbooks and tips to help you improve and develop yours :)

There are tons of ideas and resources to support and give you ideas for your own work.
There are also video with guides to watch!

Miss Cove

What is Composition? What is Space?

What is composition?
A composition is something which is put together - an arrangement of different elements. Sometimes, composition is used to refer to one piece of artwork, such as a painting.

What is space?
Space is the 3D (3 dimensional) boundless, extent in which an object has a relative position, the physical space around an object or shape.

1. Copy the title 'What is Composition?' into your sketchbook.
2. Neatly copy the definition under the title. 
REMEMBER: Think about presentation and using interesting TYPOGRAPHY!
3. Add the definition of BACKGROUND, FOREGROUND and MIDDLE GROUND to your composition page.
Background: Area in the back (furthest away) in an art work. Objects appear very small as they are further away.
Middle ground: Area in the middle part of a work of art. Objects appear slightly smaller, as they are further away.
Foreground: Area closest to you in a work of art. Objects appear closest to you.

Background, Middle ground and Foreground  (composition)

4. Use of Space…

Use of Space….
1.Consider composition
2.Drawn BIG
3.Drawn SMALL
4.Fill the page/paper
5.Lines off the page
6.Perspective (bigger in the foreground, smaller in the background)
8.Positive/negative space

Continuing to develop your knowledge of the formal elements!

Miss C :)

What is Pattern?

What is Pattern?
Pattern has three main meanings: a decorative design, usually of a repeated motif or figure; the composition or layout of an artwork; and the model or mould used for casting. In the first sense, visual forms or motifs, are repeated, often in a systematic manner.

Repeated systematic patterns

1. Create a paper-chain - you can either cut out some girls, boys or angles. Create a pattern and stick this in your sketchbook. You can extend your page with an extra bit of paper to make a flap.
A paper-chain of boys

2. Create a simple repeated pattern. Make sure you use colour!!!
Below are some examples of repeated pattern - use these for inspiration.

Happy pattern making :)

Miss Cove

Sunday, 9 June 2013

A little thought!

I like this... It's shows independence!!! Something we are all striving for.

It's up to you what you do with the skills and techniques I teach you...

Miss C x

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Typography Homework

Ok, as you know I don't give you extra work to complete at home, however, you do need to complete work started in class. 
I have listed down the weeks and the homework with examples to help you.

Homework: Typography
Homework is to be completed in your sketchbook in the order listed below.
Homework is issued on a Tuesday and is expected to be completed and seen the following Tuesday.

Create an interesting title page (SPS) in your sketchbook.
Typography – Developing Formal Elements.

Use the typographer Si Scott to inspire you.
Typography Title Page
Complete your typography 2D initials you started in class last week.

2D Illuminated Initials
Create a SPS (Single Page Spread) on Si Scott.
Title: Si Scott

Si Scott Research Page

DPS (Double Page Spread) on Polyblock printing – include a step by step and illustrations. You could leave space to stick in some examples.
Title: Polyblock Printing

Polyblock Printing Step by Step/Examples

SPS (Single Page Spread) – Complete a full colour 3D drawing of your letter and annotate.
Title: Final Design

3D Papier Mache Letters 

Hand in all HOMEWORK

Homework will be checked each week.
All homework must be completed.

Final Deadline: Tuesday 9th July 2013

Enjoy this one!

Miss Cove :)